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60 - 80 years africa african african culture african female african lifestyle african person african woman africans aged aged person alternative attire austere authentic bare plain barren basic beads black people black skin body art body decoration bold boma ceremonial ceremony characteristic citizen civilian civilization clay close-up cloth collective colour image colourful community conspicious country cultural cultural heritage cultural inheritance culture daily daily activity day daytime developing country distinguish earring east afrika environment ethnic Ethnic Community ethnic group face farmer farmers female frown garment geographic habit handmade heritage home horizontal house human humanity hut ideology indigious inhabitant inheritance issue jewellery kanga kenya Kenyan kenyan culture kenyan female kenyan lifestyle kenyan person kenyan woman lifestyle living local loincloth low angle view Maasai maasai member massai member minority mouth closed mud mud hut mudhouse nation native native person natural nature necklace negro nomad old old person one person Outdoor outdoors outer wall outside people piercing poor portrait poverty primitive prosperity pure red ritual rituals Rural rural area rural district rural population scenery semi-nomadic serious serious face serious look shuka simple life social social issue standard of living striking third world country threatened tradition traditional traditional attire traditional lifestyle tribe tribe member tribespeople typical village villager wall wealthy woman wrinkle

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