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Maltese archipelago 50 - 60 years boat captain captain of a barge characteristic climate colour image country cultural culture daily daily activity daily life day daytime dock duty economics economy economy boost employed employee employment enjoy enjoying enjoyment europe European european country european male european man Fish fish auction fishERMAN fishery fishing boat fishing net fishmonger grey hair habit happiness happy harbour hat heat hold holding holiday holiday destination holiday hotspot holiday place horizontal hot human humanity income inhabitant island island nation island style jerrycan job job activity job performance Joy lifestyle living local low angle view making money male Malta maltese culture maltese fisher maltese lifestyle Maltese male Maltese man Maltese person man master mariner Mediterranean Mediterranean climate Mediterranean culture Mediterranean destination Mediterranean sea money mouth closed native native person net one person Outdoor outdoors outside port prepare preparing profession prosperity Republic of Malta sail sailing Sea seabreeze seawater ship shipping shipping industry shipping trade smile Smiling smiling face south europe Southern Europe Southern European nation standard of living subtropical sun sunny sunshine tourism tourism spot tourist resort trade traditional transport transport vehicle travel traveling typical villager warm warm climate water wealthy western western country work work activity work day worker working yield

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